Monday, October 17, 2011

.First Experience.

Well, welcome to my Second Life blog. I'll skip what Second Life is, since those reading will be familiar.

To start, I'll talk about why I was interested initially in selecting the module, 'Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?'. 

In the past I was an avid 'gamer'. My most recent excursion was the online MMORPG 'World of Warcraft'. Having weened myself off of such a potential addiction (I felt I was borderline, alright!), I had heard in passing of a 'game' called Second Life. 

After encountering a chance article a year or so back in the Sunday Times Magazine, I decided to stay well away from this possible new addiction.

Then a few weeks ago, at the second year of my degree course 
in Fine Art, I found myself with the option of an academic module based solely within Second Life.

Post-module description; 
and I suddenly realized the potential of a growing virtual environment with it's very own 'real-virtual-real' economy. 

If businesses in the real world were purchasing virtual property with real currency, setting up shop virtually to turn a real profit, an entirely new art market could be taking place and I wanted to know more.


  1. good start myk. i hope this doesn't lead to another addiction.

  2. great thinking myk, the virtual market has huge potential with so many users