Monday, December 12, 2011

.Visiting Enviroments.

Black Horse Country

Thanks to my class mate, Sandradit, 
I was teleported to BHC. 

She was excited by the prospect of riding a horse as she's an avid animal fan. 

We found one of the most populated areas I have encountered as of yet in SL. 

There were people dancing, I believe it was a dance class 
but I couldn't be sure as they were all deep in conversation. 
There was stables as the environments name suggested along with independently run shops. 
It was interesting to see the concept of the 'prosumer' in play.


I found Tasogare while searching 'art' in SL. This environment seemed a little more tailored towards adults as the art work on display was mostly erotic. 

There were magazines on the tables that when clicked, would produce another page. 
Not to mention some extra animation bubbles upstairs.

Colour Factory
Carley Noonan
Colour Factory scarletti.laval

The Colour Factory had some very nice art on display and for sale. 
The bottom levels are for live music while the top floors are a gallery. 
The owners have a flickr account The Colour Factory. However, compared to a art gallery in reality, I simply found the experience lacking. The place was a wasteland, returning on an 'event't night might prove different. 

Check it out.


Of course, it is worth mentioning Dublin. This is were my SL class meet every week, in the DIT Angier Street Building. Virtually that is. We've visited the pub of course, which is a lively place and well worth checking out! 
Not to mention the Amphitheatre, where we will be screening our group play! December 14th, 8pm, folks! 

See you there!

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  1. Myk, your photos have not loaded.

    Also, consider describing your response to the locations with some more reflective detail. A critical reaction would also give your post some more bite. For e.g., how does the Colour Factory compare to a real life gallery.