Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.Story Project.

For my class in 'Virtual Environments: Is one life enough', we are required to stage a production as a group.

Noting how this blog entry is late and being written after much of this project has already transpired, I will detail what has occurred so far. 

First, notably, how the play was postponed from Wednesday 14th to Wednesday 21st. Apologies to all that were in attendance.

For this project, it was agreed that we would base our production on an old poem I wrote. The poem can now be found on our Wiki Page
After being designated temporary 'team leader', I made a first draft for the rules and regulations towards how the group would operate. Unfortunately this first draft was never developed by myself or the group, perhaps creating an initial difficulty for us to work as a group...

Next I developed a draft for a  script with little knowledge of how it could translate to Second Life. Eventually we decided to host the play at Dublin's amphitheatre. 

Jade Ernest created a graphic for our invitation to the event. Well done and thank you Jade.

The rest of the group contributed to creating advertising on Facebook, creating group pages and an event page.

Effa, myself and an friend of ours from our Fine Art Class, Aaron Ryan (Thank you Aaron) recorded the audio for the play.

It was left too late to be honest but I will note, Effa and myself then attempted to upload the audio into Second Life with the help of Elfay Pinkdot and Dublin Host. To no avail however...

Keith then agreed to help with the audio problems.

I have posted on the facebook page asking the rest of the group to show some initiative as I have been made aware that since I wrote the poem, it is presumed I would be making all of the calls. The group needs to decide on how we will use our avatars with regards to animations etc. 

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